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Monday, 28 January 2013

A picnic in the afternoon...indoors

Tantalising pies on display
Windowsill Pies is a cafe that has been reviewed many times by food bloggers, if not, on a dessert lover's radar. I tried two of their pies at Penny University (upon Sara-Ann's recommendation) last week and loved it so much that I wanted to taste more of what they have to offer again, this time at the cafe itself.

Another reason for my visit is to look at the design of the cafe because it is designed by none other than my husband! *beaming with pride* The theme of the restaurant seems to be "in the woods", so you have pies laid on grass, a picnic area with picnic baskets and a pine tree and a canopy ceiling. All in all, pretty whimsical and warm in feel. My children were especially captivated by the picnic area and the magic carpet. 

Picnic area
On to the real star of the show - the pies. We had three different slices of pies in all although we only ordered two (more on that later). The banana brittle pie is my favourite of the three because the almond brittle embedded within is so addictive! My children went for the S'mores naturally; which child can resist the chocolate-marshmallow combination? Those were the two we ordered, so how did we end up with the third slice?

Banana brittle pie; Photo credit: Windowsill Pies
S'mores pie; photo credit: Windowsill Pies
Grasshopper pie; photo credit: Windowsill Pies
Now, saying that my children enjoy birthday celebrations is an understatement. I think we celebrate our birthdays 168 times a year within ourselves even though there are only four of us in the family. You see, Princess and the Rock take every opportunity to sing versions (English, Mandarin, Tamil, Cantonese and "God is blessing you now" version) of the birthday song, blow out candles (imaginary or not) and cut the cake (real or substitutes like burgers or pizzas with toothpicks inserted into them.)

Naturally we belted out our versions of the birthday songs before tucking in, this time the "birthday boy"is my husband. Lo and behold, we had a slice of Grasshopper pie with a candle presented to him before we finished our full ceremony! The cherry on top of the cake (or should I say pie) was that the whole cafe unanimously sang the birthday song to my husband! It was hilarious and kind of awkward at the same time but my children had a real kick out of it as this was the first time the WHOLE cafe full of audience joined in their celebration.

Enjoying the last bits of the S'mores pie
The afternoon ended with a picnic in the woods. Princess and the Rock made themselves all comfortable by laying out their drawing blocks and colour pencils and had a drawing session there before they proceeded to an adventure on the magic carpet!

Picnic in the woods


  1. Hi, hopping over from Mom Bloggers! These pies look absolutely delicious. I think I would have gone for the smores pie myself! I also love the design of the cafe...your husband did an amazing job! Looking forward to reading more of your posts!


    1. Hi Jennifer! Thanks for dropping by and your kind words of encouragement, I will send your praises to my husband. :) Your blog post on "Homeschooling on a budget" came just in time too, as I will be starting homeschooling in Mar with my Princess (4 yr old)! I hope to learn more about homeschooling from veterans like you. :)

  2. You sat at the exact same place as I did! :)

  3. Haha! What a coincidence! Or maybe that's a natural "family with young kids" magnet. :P