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Monday, 21 January 2013

Be Silly

How many times have you heard a parent utter the phrase "stop acting silly" to her child? We may have done that ourselves knowingly or unknowingly because they are seemingly harmless words. I have, on a few rare occasions used a few variations of that phrase on my children too, especially when they are "out of control" in public. 

However, I realised that it is not a very useful thing to say to children, especially to the younger audience. For one, "stop" usually causes the opposite response to what we (adults) want, while "acting" is what grownups do more often than children; they are better at being themselves (it is just that their "being themselves" may not fit into the proper decorum that we prefer.) Last but not least, "silly", "silly" is probably what makes children's lives more bearable in this bizarre and ununderstandable world full of boring adults. Being "silly" also shows ways in which children are creative, lively and full of surprises!

Therefore, once I came to this revelation, I become more accepting of my children's "silliness".In fact I join in sometimes because it is just too fun to be left out of it! Check out the excerpt below and trust me, you will want to march alongside them too!


  1. Witnessing their "silly-ness" is part of the joys of parenthood. Their acts of "silly-ness" is also their way of role-playing and learning from their environment. So I totally agree with you, why stop them from being 'silly'....we should embrace such 'silly' moments in our children's lives.

  2. I'm sure you will agree, between your family and mine, we have enough silliness to last us for a lifetime! :P