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Friday, 18 January 2013

Fashion Friday - DIY Faux Fur Cape

Welcome to my first Fashion Friday post. Now before we start, there are a few disclaimers. I am no Chictopia nor Lookbook poster, ok, maybe one lonely post so far. I am also no Karen Cheng nor Xiaxue, hence I can't take great pictures nor claim Photoshop as my best friend. In fact most of my pictures are taken from my iphone
and are not touched up. Last but not least, I am not a REAL fashionista, just dreaming to be one, like I mentioned in my "about" page. So please enjoy the post like it should be enjoyed - a mummy sharing about  her fit-for-playground outfits, once in a blue moon date-with-daddy outfits, good fashion bargains for mummys and kiddies, DIYs and anything fashion related that catches my eye.

First up is a DIY faux fur cape that I made for my Dec 2012 trip to Cologne and Paris.
I was intending to make a faux fur vest initially but as I searched for free patterns on the internet, I came across too many beautiful fur capes that I passed up on the vest and dived in straight for the cape instead. I must say I am pretty satisfied with the end result considering this is my maiden sewing project (not counting the ones I did during Home Economics classes). 

Now, first have a look at my inspiration:

  Next, my end result:

 What do you think? :)

The pattern can be found here. It is a pattern for a capelet, so I merely extended the length to make it into a mid-thigh length cape.

By the way, the cheetah print scarf is also diy-ed, so do keep a lookout for its tutorial (link) next Fashion Friday if you are keen!


  1. wow... that's very glamourous!! :)

  2. Thank you Maggy! This will encourage me to take on more sewing projects. :)