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Thursday, 31 January 2013

"Why don't you..." says my husband

My handsome Bollywood husband
This post is dedicated to my husband, my enabler, not in the negative sense but in a way that encourages my growth and lifts me up when I am down.

My husband and I have been married for more than six years and we dated for four years before that, although we have know each other for close to twenty years! Like in all relationships, we have our differences in opinions sometimes but the good thing is we agree to disagree mostly. At times, when we can't settle our disagreements, he chooses to "agree" or rather gives up on arguing with me. On this ground, he deserves to receive the Best Husband Award.

Another thing that is precious about him, like I mentioned earlier, is that he is a great enabler, pretty much like how your girlfriends give nods of approval on purchasing that Celine Mini Luggage, or how your buddy urges you to do your own episode of "Pimp My Ride."

Aside from the handbags, what I am really thankful for are the wallets and shoes.

No, just kidding! What I really appreciate about him is his constant ability to encourage me to do more than what I think I can, but at the same time not putting unnecessary pressure on me to succeed. I remember this thing that a friend once told me, he said, "you know you are in a positive relationship when both of you feel you've helped each other become better persons." Those were words of wisdom to me, and with that, I married my ex-boyfriend, now-husband.

The few "why don't you..." questions that he asked nudged me to pursue my dream and interest to be  a jewellery designer, set up a small business, decide to try out homeschooling and sign up for a gym membership.

Now I learn to ask myself "why don't I...?"

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