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Tuesday, 5 February 2013

What I mean is...

Children take your word for REAL. The following examples will show you what I mean:

  • The other day at IKEA, the Rock was following a baby around and was busy with nothing literally. I jokingly remarked, "hey, don't be nosey," (although I shouldn't have because he was just trying to "help".)The Rock turned around and wrinkled his nose!

  • My teacher friend related this incident to me. During lesson, she asked a student to "speak up" and the student looked up in the direction of the sky and spoke in the same small voice.

  • I told the Princess that she needed to "pay for it" if she makes the wrong decision (especially knowingly). She said to me, "mummy, I have no money to pay for it, I need to ask from Daddy."

Has your child ever taken what you have said literally like this? Do you get annoyed sometimes and think he is "trying to be funny"? I found this article called "How to understand the literal thinking child", have a read and see if you find it useful. 

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