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Tuesday, 5 March 2013

Homeschooling Day 1

We did it! And it feels good. I am tempted to say "homeschooling is for my family" but it is only the first day and I know that not everyday will be as smooth sailing as this. Nevertheless, I am thankful we managed to accomplish quite a fair bit today, both homeschool and housework!  

We started off with a short bible reading in the morning after breakfast. Both the verses and the activity that followed were inspired by the Princess' creative outburst. I saw her using her paper conical loud-hailers as shoes and felt prompted to read about The Armour of God. It was such an uplifting passage that we decided to make the armour of God! After messing around with some scissors, scraps of cloths and cardboard, we came up with this:

Ready or not, here we come!
Although the effort was amateurish as it was an impromptu activity, we felt as fortified as soldiers of God! In fact Princess and the Rock loved them so much they went to grandma's house fully armoured. You can imagine the stares (friendly ones) we got! 

"Are you sure these sequinned armours can protect us?"
The Princess and I were also encouraged to realise that God has answered her prayer. She has been praying to God to speak to her and we realised today her prayer was answered! As I was going to teach the Princess and the Rock about the Sword of the Spirit (the Word of God), she explained to me that the bible is inspired by God; her words were "God told the artists what to write in the bible, so that the bible can tell us what is right and what is wrong". When asked how she knew, her reply was "I just know". I told her she didn't "just know", it was knowledge given to her by God and she beamed from ear to ear. :)

The rest of the activities were academic stuff like phonics, math and practising of handwriting. One of the accomplishment today was that the Princess was able to read a simple book from the Letterland Vowel Readers all by herself. I knew she did not read it from memory as it was her first time reading that book. I was insanely proud of her and felt like dancing but I contained myself and told her "well done! I know you can do it!"

The Rock was happily following all that the Princess was doing but his favourite was singing the Months of the Year song from the Leap Frog "Let's Go To School" DVD that he has seen before. The moment I took out the calendar chart, he belted out the song! 

All in all, it was an enjoyable day of learning for us. The best part for me was despite having to do school, housework and childcare, I did not feel rushed or overwhelmed. I look forward to more days like this!


  1. Congratulation on accomplishing that first day. I am also a homeschool mom and former public school teacher. This is my 3rd year homeschooling my ten year old. It does get easier as the years go back. Good Luck. Visiting from Mom Bloggers Club. Can't wait to see how things continue. Following your blog. When you get a chance, stop by

    1. Thanks for dropping in! I visited your blog yesterday and I'm glad I did, now I know where to go if I need a recipe or meet with a cleaning problem!

  2. Absolutely adorable. Great post and congratulations!

  3. What a great day! I just started homeschooling myself last week, but my son is in 2nd grade. That is really impressive that Princess can already read! And what a wonderful story about your conversation about God!

    1. Thank you. :) May I know why you decide to homeschool your son? Was he in school before?

  4. WHAT a beautiful post!!! Oh, I can't wait to travel this journey with you! Thank you for sharing it!

  5. What a great day, both academically and spiritually, for your kids. They look so cute in their armor of God.