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Thursday, 14 March 2013

Homeschooling Ideas - Exploring Shapes

The theme of the day is exploring shapes. We watched a video on shapes and went on to create an artwork with the shapes presented in the video. We also built some "architectural buildings" with our Ikea wooden building blocks

"This bridge connects to..."

Urban landscape designed by Princess

Being inspired by +Sarah Avila's post on Schooling in the Kitchen - It's Not Just About Cooking. I decided to explore more areas of study when we looked at shapes; here are a few I can think of:


  • Games like sorting shapes, playing with tangrams, or making shapes with play dough.
  • All the above-mentioned activities can be tailored according to age or development; younger children can sort according to shapes or colours, slightly older ones can line them up according to size or number of sides.
  • Older children may prefer more challenging games or puzzles that involves 3-D shapes like:
Shape by Shape Creative Pattern Game
K'NEX Education - Elementary Math and Geometry


  • Have children blow bubbles and observe the shape of bubbles.
  • Read about the solar systems and ask them to observe the shape of the sun and planets.
  • Go out to the nature and observe the symmetry in flowers, shapes of clouds and the rainbow.
Photo credit:

Geography / Architecture / Social Studies

  • Explore The Great Pyramid in Egypt, The Alps in Switzerland, The Taj Mahal in India, The Colosseum in Rome, The Louvre Museum in Paris, Guggenheim Museum in Bilbao, Germany, The Great Wall of China in Beijing, China and closer to home, The Esplanade. 
  • What generic shapes do the buildings have? Why are they shaped like that?
  • Talk about the culture and people in those countries.

Literature / Vocabulary

  • Children will get to learn the names of shapes, terms used in geometric concepts, descriptive adjectives like spherical, straight, curved etc.
  • Stories with geometry as the theme can be read to your child, some examples are
 A Cloak For The Dreamer
A Cloak For The Dreamer
 The Secret Birthday Message
The Secret Birthday Message


  • You can create artwork with different assortment of shapes.
Sorting the shapes

Completed collages by Princess and the Rock

How do you teach about shapes and geometry? I'll love to hear some ideas from you. 

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