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Saturday, 16 March 2013

Homeschooling Ideas - Getting all twisted up!

Ever played Twister? It's a game that commonly results in uproarious laughter and tangles. 

I have incorporated the idea of Twister to teaching. Princess and the Rock love tumbling over each other as they play the game. I simply stick papers on the floor with masking tape and they are ready to roll!

Some areas of study I have taught and plan on teaching using the Twister method:

Letter recognition:

  • use papers with letters.
  • to up the challenge, the child may be asked to spell a word and place his hands and feet on the letters (Princess is learning to spell 3 or 4 letter word so her hands and feet suffices for now).

Sight words:

  • use papers with sight words written on them.

Number recognition / math: 

  • use papers with numbers.
  • for older children, parents can shout out a question e.g. "what is 4+3?", "give me 2 numbers that make up 9" or "how many sides does an octagon have?"  and they have to work out the answers before placing their hands and foot on the papers.

Colour and shape recognition:

  • use coloured papers of different shapes.
  • to increase the difficulty, parents can ask questions like "what colour do you get when you mix yellow an blue?", "what is the shape of an orange?" or "what colours do you see on the the Singapore flag?"

Can you think of more ways of using the 
Twister method? I'll love to hear about them in the comments!

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  1. What a fun activity! It might be fun for the older kids to get a big map and play country twister, or state twister. Thanks for sharing!