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Friday, 8 March 2013

"I also do a lot of work but I don't cry!"

I received some sort of a compliment from the Princess yesterday in an unusual way. I was having my shower and I heard loud wailing coming from the direction of my living room. I knew the crying wasn't any of my children's and presumed it was from my neighbour's child. My suspicion was confirmed by my Princess when I came out of the shower. She exclaimed, "mummy, the gor gor (older brother) was crying and crying because he has a lot of work to do! I also do a lot of work but I don't need to cry because my work is so fun!"

This piece of information encouraged me in two ways; I know she is enjoying what she's doing with me (in homeschooling) so far and my understanding of her is accurate (in that she likes to do assignments).

I realise two person's opinions about homeschooling matter most two me; the first is my children (I'm treating them collectively as one) and the other is me. 

I would be lying if I say I am not concerned about how well my children fare against children who attend regular school, as long as they enjoy homeschooling and they are learning new things. Despite saying that, I do want them to love their learning journey while they meet their academic milestones. It will sadden me if I see the sparkle in their eyes dim from academic pressures because I believe a child's learning world should be filled with wonder, laughter and imagination.

Truth be told, I need some form of measurement of success for our choice to homeschool our children and meeting academic milestones is one of them. Other yardsticks will be my children's attitude to learning, their social development, and simply how happy and joyful they are!

How do you measure success in homeschooling? 

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