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Wednesday, 13 March 2013

"I'll not stop to love you, mama."

To parents out there, is there a better way to end off your day than to hear your child say she'll not stop loving you?

I just heard that from Princess last night while I was hugging her on her bed. Those words touched me so deeply and made me slightly ashamed as I had a mini argument with her before her afternoon nap.

The content of the argument revolved around her sleeping routine. I've written about the difficulty I have with my children's naptime and the problem is still present. I was getting really impatient as I was lying in bed with her and thinking about the tons of work and planning I had to do. So I told her she needed to be independent and sleep on her own while she insisted that I hugged her and sleep with her. We "ding-donged" for a while until she was tired enough to fall asleep.

After the episode of argument, I am now trying to look at it differently as I realised that Princess really cherishes her before-bedtime moment with me. It is a period of reconnection with me after an activity-filled day and also a time when she asks me questions about what she has seen, heard or experienced before that. 

Now which parent will give up hearing "I'll not stop to love you, mama" (grammar can be corrected later :P) and settle for things like folding the laundry? A little (or a lot) of cuddle time is also good for the soul right?

Cuddly Wuddly

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  1. I love this article. It's so nice to hear when someone openly expresses their affection as this. However, I totally understand that you do have to take care of your personal time too, hence the time will come when you do have to ween her off slowly. Even so depending on the day and what is going on in your child's mind you should always be flexible to lie with him/her for as long as required. And you Felicia, God bless your kids, I believe that you will do that for them till they're 78 years old!

    You are wonderful as always. I'll not stop to love you, Felicia! ;)