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Wednesday, 3 April 2013

File Folder Games

 My first attempt at file folder games (by Lauren Hill):

file folder games

file folder games

file folder games

The children were quite curious and fascinated by the new games, however, Princess was more determined to finish the games than the Rock. I will continue to make more file folder games as they are pretty good activities to keep them occupied while I am cooking or have to attend specifically to one child. They also encourage self-learning and since practice makes perfect (most of the time), these games are perfect for that!

file folder games

I have also attempted to lower the cost of making them by: 
  • using sheet protectors instead of laminating every printout.
  • using multi-slots display folders.
file folder games
File folder games using sheet protectors; loose pieces are laminated.
file folder games
Small, loose pieces are simply stored in mini zippered bag
and put into a sheet protector for storage.

The above options are viable because 
  • the pockets protects the printouts. 
  • using one folder instead of multiple ones help to save a lot of cabinet space.
  • it saves me some time as I have less to laminate and stick. 

These multi-slots display folders can be easily purchased from Popular bookstores or Daiso. This is especially useful for those games which I feel needs constant "review and update", e.g. CVC words (once the child gets familiarised with the existing words, you get print worksheets with new words). I still laminate the loose pieces as those can usually be recycled, e.g. letters and numbers.

Materials needed:
  • Rotary trimmer / scissors (although a pair of scissors can do the job but trust me, you will appreciate the rotary trimmer when you have loads of paper to cut, especially the laminated ones (the magnetic bar really helps to hold the laminated sheets in place.)

The sense of satisfaction is great when you see the end products but these projects are not 5-minutes efforts, although I think the benefits are worth it.

I have included some free file folder games links here if you would like to make some yourself:

Do you make file folder games? Are they a hit or miss with your children? I'll like to hear your experience and tips in making them in the comments!


  1. Hey felicia, this is janice fm smb. This is interesting n so organized!! Which age would u recommend this for? Wana do a link up.

    1. Hi janice, I made these games for my two year old and four year old but I think the content can change according to the child's age and level. I have linked up on your blog!

  2. Hi! Just found your blog through smb! Hope to exchange ideas with you!:D

    1. Your comment is here! :P Yeah, love to share ideas and learn more! :)