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Saturday, 6 April 2013

"Her mother didn't teach her..."

Last evening, I saw Princess display fierce family loyalty through an unusual incident. 

My mom and I were having our after-dinner coffee at the hawker centre near my house while Princess and the Rock were playing just outside the hawker centre near our table. A few minutes before we left, a young man, presumably in his early twenties sat on a chair near Princess and started smoking. Princess, being her usual sassy self, told the man to stop smoking (as we explained to her that it is not healthy for our bodies). The man repeatedly ignored her (as in did not acknowledge her at all) so she shouted "stop smoking!" 

The man got irritated and told her, "SHUDDAP!" Princess was expectedly taken aback by that response. Now you must be wondering where I was all that while. Well I was trying to manage the Rock climbing all over me, carrying a few bags of tabao-ed food and asking the Princess to come back to me. When she finally did, she told me in a huff that she overheard the man tell her companion, “她的妈妈没有教她” (loosely translated as "her mother did not teach her (manners)).

Princess was visibly angered by that statement as she felt I was "unfairly attacked". She said, "of course you teach me!" At that moment, I felt so proud that my Princess stood up for me (in her thought) and in her own way, she understood what family loyalty was.

family loyalty
"Talk bad about my family and
you'll get a taste of what I'm made of!"

Regarding the man, I wanted to tell him, "my daughter was taught that smoking is unhealthy and I am sorry she she shouted while trying to let you know that, but I wish you'd listened to your mum like she did!" Instead, what came out of my mouth was, "come back now, don't take in more second hand smoke!"

Now the question is should I applaud her for caring for the man's health and speaking her mind or tell her to let others "mind their own business" in the future? It's a catch-22 situation, isn't it?

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  1. I'm so proud of Princess ... and I know, her mum has taught her way better than countless other mums I know.

    I understand the challenge; whether to speak up, or to leave people be.

    I was once in a similar situation, where I've gone through a certain mindset shift that positively impact my life ... and I wanted to share with others what I've experienced.

    The thing is, most others aren't necessarily receptive to our values and experiences.

    I asked a good friend of mine (who is a life coach) about this, and she suggested something:


    aka walk the talk, be the change, set the example.

    Then when the universe decides that it's time for whoever we're meant to influence be influenced, the change will happen.

    Just my two cents :)