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Tuesday, 30 April 2013

"This is not a good family!"

I never thought I would hear this in my family, especially not from my children. Alas, my Princess uttered these words during bedtime today, after her request for the Rock to be sent out of the room (so that she could spend time with my husband and I) was not granted. Those words pierced like nothing I've experienced before; feelings of hurt, indignation, sadness and sympathy overwhelmed me all at once. I sobbed but only briefly.

I thought long and hard about what happened and my husband and I discussed about it. It seemed he was more afflicted by it than I was, in fact, he said that this was the saddest day of his life. I, on the other hand, decided to take a step back or rather step into her shoes to try to understand where she was coming from when she said, "this is not a good family!"

My mind went into the "rewind" mode and I looked through scenarios that happened the last few weeks. Then the reason for her behaviour stood out clearly to me.


Princess has been craving for some declaration of love but has obviously not been receiving much or not as much as she'd have liked. Almost everyday she did a drawing/note of the one above and she said she would do it everyday to perfect it. It cannot be seen from the picture above but the words were encapsulated within a heart (which represented her heart, she said) and on the reverse side, another heart was drawn with "God" written within.

Through this, she taught me something so simple but so essential in relationships. She told us of her love for us all as a family EVERYDAY! She declares that God lives in her heart everyday too. 

Dearest Princess, 

I am sorry that I missed out on something as important as telling you "I love you" everyday, instead I was trying to be a good parent by diligently trying to "correct" all your wrong-doings. Despite that you tell me you love me everyday without fail. Thanks for teaching me something everyday. 

I love you so much more than I tell you so.


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