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Wednesday, 22 May 2013

Daiso Haul (Part 1)

I've posted on my Facebook wall earlier that Daiso is my 2nd best friend (the first is my husband, of course) and I'll let you know why.

Reasons I love Daiso:

  • Inexpensive
I think most of us will agree that $2 for each item is pretty easy on the pocket; a coffee at a coffee joint can easily cost $5 and above. I've managed to snag many items that cost more in other stores so I am happy with their price point. For example, five dry-erase marker for $2, I think the value is hard to beat.  

  • Wide Variety
Daiso is ubiquitously known to stock a wide variety of merchandise. My rule of thumb in looking for household items is "Daiso first then Ikea" and for stationary (especially the fancy ones), it is "Daiso first then Popular Bookstore".  

  • Availability of "Entertainment Gadgets"

I can find items to entertain my children that is within a reasonable budget easily. There is a huge section dedicated to stationary that includes markers, mini white and black boards, a huge assortment of pens, scissors, notebooks, colouring books etc. The other section that I like is the "entertainment" section, that has balloons, glow sticks, masks, flower leis, hats and other things for dress-ups and party use. Since Princess is into crafts, the craft section is a must visit each time I step into Daiso, in there you can find different coloured pipe cleaners and pom-poms, ribbons, felt material, fancy paper, beads and so on. Can you see how I tend to go crazy when I shop at Daiso? (Crafting folks, I think you will know what I am talking about. :P)

  • "At arm's reach"
  • The two Daiso stores that I frequent are the ION and Plaza Singapura branches. Since they are so accessible, I find myself going there to get two or three items to entertain Princess whenever my husband and I want to enjoy an afternoon cuppa when we are out on weekends (usually the Rock would be taking his nap in his pram).
    Daiso and coffee make mummy a happy camper!

    *Side note: If you are to get the liquid chalk markers from Daiso, get the "fatter" ones instead of the skinnier ones as the pigment is more concentrated. Please see pictures below for example.

    Do you shop at Daiso too? What is your favourite item bought from Daiso so far?

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