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Friday, 31 May 2013

Fashion Friday - I'm watching your back!

I've always liked a dress with a stunning low back or interesting back details, however, I lack the confidence to carry it off as I feel kinda insecure about the uneven pigmentation on my back. However I am always on the lookout for one in case I feel so comfortable in my skin one day and I decide, "heck with the bei dnio (whitish patches on the skin - a kind of fungus condition), let me just strut out in my low back sexy number!"

I've compiled a few of my favourites here below.

Low back wedding dresses:

Paul Vincent via Belle the Magazine

Casual low back dresses:

Love the not-too-sexy cutouts

The one below caught my attention as I was rushing to have my jeans altered at Uniqlo. I just had to stop her and snap a picture! It is hard to find a tastefully designed low back casual dress and this one totally fits the bill!

low back dress

The front of the dress is not too shabby either, although the highlight is definitely at the back for me. The extra long pleated peplum details are interesting too and the Balenciaga Mini City in Yellow definitely added a pop of colour to the whole ensemble.

Thanks for agreeing to the photo, pretty lady in low back dress!

What is the one look you've always dreamt of having? Does it come in the form of a sexy bodycon or a sheer lacy number? Do share with me in the comments! Photos are more than welcomed too!

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