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Friday, 10 May 2013

"Megabugs Return!" Exhibition (Private Preview and DIY Costume Tutorial)

Bugs? Count us in! Megabugs? Lagi Bagus!

When I knew of the opportunity to attend the private preview of the "Megabugs Return!" exhibition, I signed up for it immediately as my children are crazy about creepy crawlies and such, they even have tools (exactly like the ones below) to "catch" and study them. (Rest assured that they are usually promptly released in the alive state after the studies.)

Once I received the e-invite for the preview, I knew we'd be in for a great time because we were asked to go in bugs accessories or costumes! I could not pass up the chance of dressing my family up in costumes, and not any costumes mind you, they must be BUGS costumes!

Although I received the e-invite a few days before the event, I did not work on the costumes until the afternoon on the same day of the event. You know, I was in the kind of situation when I planned to start on it (many times), then a more "important and urgent thing cropped up", (reads "the Rock pooped and needed to be washed up", "the floor needed a mop as Princess spilled her milk", "both the children threatened to put each other in jail and needed some mediation"... you get the idea). Nevertheless I managed to put something together rather quickly before the event. *Pat on my back.*

Without further ado, I present to you....

Ta-da! Incy Wincy!

Tutorial for Spider costume

Materials needed:
  • Black long-sleeved T-shirt
  • 2 pairs of mens black business socks
  • Plastic bags
  • Needle and thread, scissors
  • Black gloves/mittens (optional)
  1. Stuff the socks with plastic bags, leaving only about 2cm space at the top. 

    I stuffed 4 pairs of socks for Papa Spidey and Incy Wincy!

  2. Sew the socks to the sides of the black T-shirt, 2 on each side. 

    I hand sewed the socks to the sides.
  3. Connect the 3 "legs" on each side, using a black string (see photo of the Rock above).
  4. Have the child/adult put on black pants, shoes and the top made with the above instructions. Put on gloves/mittens if desired.

Final result:

Papa Spidey with Incy Wincy

On to the exhibition itself, I feel it is a must-go if your children are not averse to bugs as it is an awesome exhibition with the larger than life exhibits!

The whole feel was very whimsical and fun, unlike the usual exhibition atmosphere, which can be kind of serious and sterile at times. There were even a few welcomers that were dressed in fanciful and glittery costumes, very cirque du soleil-esque. A pity I could not take any photos as Princess was apprehensive about being near them, not unlike how some babies and young children are afraid of heavily made-up clowns.

I highly recommend a visit to the "Megabugs Return" exhibition, it will charm both children and adults alike!

"Megabugs Return!" Exhibition
Date: 20 April 2013 to 18 August 2013 
(This exhibition will be temporarily closed on 12 August.)
Location: Annexe, Science Centre, 
15 Science Centre Road 
Singapore 609081
Admission Fee: Adult - $20*, Child - $15*

*Inclusive of Science Centre Admission

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