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Monday, 27 May 2013

Orange Rhino? Make that Prune-Pink Rhino!

Lately I've been a bad, bad mother. The sort you would look at and wonder, "how do her children and husband live with someone like that?"

I suspect it was a combination of the evil PMS hormones and the sheer amount of housework I needed to do.


Every little problem and the slightest misbehaviour and uncooperativeness from my children sparked me off. Yelling at my children became almost a daily routine. It came to a point where I felt my children were numb to my loud scolding. 

The last straw came when I threw a small toy across the living room two days ago because I was so tired and upset from asking Princess and the Rock to tidy up and picking up after them. It dawned on me that I was behaving like a child that was sorely lacking in self-control! These things (yelling and throwing things) that I dislike seeing my children do, I was perfecting them myself.

I decided that I needed to do something to change things around. Hence I thought of embarking on the Orange Rhino Challenge again. I said "again" because I attempted once but I gave up or more like I lost control after one week and started yelling faithfully! The Orange Rhino Challenge was initiated by a mother who, whom like me, wanted to stop yelling at her four boys and challenged herself to 365 days of non-yelling. She wanted to keep a public blog on her progress to keep her on track and Orange Rhino is her moniker.

So at bedtime that night, I apologised to Princess for yelling and told her of the challenge. I asked her to say, "Orange Rhino!" whenever she feels that I am going to raise my voice at her so that I would remember about the challenge I'm on. She found it quite amusing but agreed to my plan. Then she said she wanted to join in the challenge as well, but I am supposed to say, "Prune-pink Rhino!" whenever I sense she is going to yell because "brinjal colour" and pink are her favourite colours!

I have yet to tell the Rock about the Orange Rhino Challenge but I bet he would have his favourite coloured rhino to add to the game too!

A mummy blogger, Motherkao, is also (kind of) on this challenge, you can read about her experience here.

Have you found it a challenge to keep your cool when challenges build up? I'll be glad to hear how you cope with it in the comments. :)

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