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Monday, 6 May 2013

Wikki Stix - Review and Discount Code

Woohoo! New toys for Princess and the Rock to play with.

Wikki Stix are colorful pieces of yarn dipped in food-grade safe wax – the kind used in bubble gum and lipstick. They are non-toxic and gluten-free, which make them suitable craft toys for children with allergies, or for children (like mine) who explore textures and new things by placing them in their mouths! Ok, disclaimer here: although they are non-toxic, I don't recommend chomping on them as snacks like candy ropes (they look pretty similar to liquorice candy ropes!)

I tasked my husband to include them in their Saturday craft sessions and they decided to create paintings with them.

Wikki Stix
Twisting and bending the Wikki Stix
Wikki Stix
Painting made with Wikki Stix

These are some other things Princess and the Rock have created with the Wikki Stix on other occasions:

The Rock preferred to roll them into "ball ball"... make a flower!

Good enough to eat...

...or accessories with.

Some things to note when working with Wikki Stix:
  1. As the surface is sticky (from the wax coating), it is advisable to use a glossy or laminated surface to work on as it may lift off some paper if the paper is not glossy or "plastic-y". We had little construction paper bits stuck to the Wikki Stix when we tried to remove the Wikki Stix for repeated use.
  2. Work on a dust-free and hair-free surface as everything gets stuck on it!
  3. To get rid of the sticky after-feel, rub your hands with some powder before washing them, it helps get rid of the wax pretty effectively.
  4. Do twist the strands of Wikki Stix together, the effect is really pretty!
  5. Let your imagination run wild, the sky is the limit!
Watch the video below to get more ideas on how you can use the Wikki Stix:

Because you are SPECIAL:

Wikki Stix Asia is giving 20% discount on all online purchases. Simply key in coupon code "APR13" and click "Apply Coupon" upon check out. This coupon code is valid until 31 May 2013, so hurry!


Disclosure: We received a few packs of Wikki Stix for the product review. All thoughts and opinions are our own.

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