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Wednesday, 19 June 2013

5 Favourite Bedroom Games

Before you think this post is about games - ahem - my husband and I play in the bedroom, I shall clarify that I am going to share about some highly entertaining and laughter inducing games that we've played as a WHOLE FAMILY before bedtime.

There were some evenings when things went extremely smoothly, by that, I mean the children ate their meals quickly and relatively neatly, there was less clean-up and they basically completed all their mundane everyday stuff (brushing teeth, showering and before bedtime toys clean-up) without any drama. These times we were able to have extended bedtime stories sessions and even some time for silly games! Tonight was one of those nights.

Here are some games we've played on those special nights (try them but be warned that the children may not want to stop!):

Bedroom Games:

  1. Bacon on the Pan - Players (bacon slices) lie flat on the bed (pan) and one chef would control the heat of the pan by calling out "low heat", "medium heat", "high heat" or "switched off". The players would move their bodies like bacon slices on a hot pan according to the heat level, i.e. "low heat" means smaller lower intensity movement and "high heat" means high exaggerated writhing and bouncing on the bed! There can be variations to the game like tonight, my husband decided to be cheese and he "melted" all over bacon! Caution: Ensure that the players don't fall of the bed while being "cooked".

  2. Complete the Story - As the name suggests, each player would add on to the last sentence said by the previous player to complete a story. The stories sometimes ended up really ridiculous but we never fail to have a good laugh. It is a great game for the children to practise their vocabulary too!

  3. Juices! - This game was invented by Princess one night. She just decided that we come up with different types of juices and again the sky is the limit to our imagination. We've got delicious sounding ones like blueberry nata de coco juice but we've had our fair share of gross ones like toenail armpit juice! Yikes! 

  4. Noah's Ark - Pretty much like building a fort, except we build an ark and have all the animals on board. Yes, even the sea creatures are onboard! 

    Noah's Ark
    Noah's Ark with "Noah and his wife"

  5. Massage Time! - Most people enjoy a good massage right? Well, I know everyone in my family does, even the littlest one! Princess and the Rock would offer to massage my husband and I and then strip down to their diaper/panty and tell us "My turn!" They know all the steps like the back of their hands and would most certainly remind us if we've missed a spot or have used the "wrong technique". Definitely a good wind-down activity after all those above. :)

Do give them a try, they're sure to give you a good laugh, if not for anything else!

Does your family have any bedroom games that you like to play? Share them with me so I can add them to my repertoire too!

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