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Monday, 10 June 2013

7 Things We Want You To Know

Dear Daddy,

There are 7 Things that we want you to know:

  1. When we are tired and cranky, we tend to misbehave around you because we TRUST that you love us no matter what we do and how we are.  The truth is there are only a few people that we can totally bare ourselves to and since you are on top of the list, you get the brunt of our true colours - the whole spectrum of it!

  2. When we say "we don't want you!", what we really mean is "we need to cool off." And like you always said, "I will not go down without a fight!" we too feel the same way and although we REALLY WANT YOU to cuddle us, we do not want to lose face and we tell you the opposite of what we feel. 

  3. When we hit you and kick you in our fit of anger, we are telling you that we have spun out of control and we need your sturdy arms and loving discipline to put us in place. Structure and discipline make us feel secure but we will never admit that, so trust your instinct and knowledge as an adult and a loving parent, YOU KNOW BEST most of the times sometimes.

  4. When you spend time goofing around with us, we know that you love us enough to put aside important tasks so that we can bond. We are so proud that we have a daddy who is not embarrassed to do funny stuff with us so that we can look back upon positive childhood memories. 

  5. When you read to us, we wish time would come to a standstill because you are such a GREAT STORYTELLER and we do not want the reading session to end! Animated guffaws, soft hisses, fierce roars and strange voices have become our day-to-day expressions because you showed us that life becomes that much more interesting when we just LET GO and JUST BE.

  6. When you draw, paint and craft with us, we feel so blessed to have an ARTISTIC father who allows us to EXPLORE AND CREATE. We know we create a big mess most of the time but you continue to believe in the little artists in us and find ways to nurture the creativity and curiosity inherent in us and all other children.

  7. When we tell you WE LOVE YOU, WE MEAN IT. Even though there are more than enough occasions for you to believe we have ousted you. And we know you love us too. Really.

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