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Tuesday, 4 June 2013

Fruity Jelly Pops!

Since I started homeschooling Princess and the Rock, Princess has been affectionately referring to her school as "Work, Art, Cooking School". She tried to include all components of her favourite activities into the name of our homeschool, as you can tell. So cooking has to be featured once in a while in our curriculum to be true to the name of our school.

Today we decided to make a refreshing and healthy fruity jelly pops. This activity is perfect for little ones as it is really as easy as A-B-C! All you need is one pack of Konnyaku jelly powder (premix, don't even need to add sugar), 1000-1250 ml of water (less water makes firmer jelly) and fruits of choice (I peeled and cut them to small cubes). Then Princess and the Rock helped to put them into the jelly moulds while I combined the Konnyaku jelly powder with water and cook them till it boils over the stove (stirring constantly). Once the "jelly liquid" has cooled slightly, or all the bubbles have diminished, pour it into the moulds and chill it!

Serious on their job...

Cool Jelly Pops perfect for a hot day!

Time to enjoy the fruit of our labour!
How many ways can you eat jelleeeee...

Sensory Play

It ended up as a medium for sensory play as well as the Rock could not resist squishing it and exploring the "bouncy" texture of the jelly! 

Have you cooked anything with your children lately? I'll love to hear about them in the comments!

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