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Saturday, 22 June 2013

Hazy Fashion

In the light of Singapore's hazy weather, I'm just not in the mood for any outfit-of-the-day kind of post. But THE MASK (or rather the lack of) is definitely the talk of the town now, so I'm dedicating today's Fashion Friday post to mask fashion!

There are different sort of masks in the market - surgical mask, N95 mask, those heavy-duty industrial type with filters etc. But all these look white, bland and boring...YAWN...

What say we shake things up a bit and look at some of these?

A Fierce-Looking One with Fangs

Mask Design Yoriko Yoshida

A Warm and Cosy Knitted One (Pattern Included)

knitted mask
Knitted Doctor Mask

Printed Vogmask

VOGMASK Microfiber Filtering Mask: 8-bit

Kawaii Bejewelled Mask

Robotic Baby Elephant Mask

Futuristic Airwaves Mask

Emergency Bra Mask

Disclaimer: I do not recommend nor endorse any of the mask shown above.

Jokes aside, do try to stay indoors if possible, drink a lot of water and try to inject a bit of cheer and humour even in this hazy times, it may help to make you feel better! :)

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