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Thursday, 13 June 2013

I'm a Mummy, hear me RAWR! - The Designer

This week's RAWR-some mummy is Abigael of Obllique.

Photo by Bryan van der Beek

Technically, Abigael is my husband's friend from their school days and I got to know her through him. My first impression of her was, "Hmm... there must be more to this." And I was right. She is one of the most personable person, if not, the most personable person I've known; it is hard not to like her. But underneath this pleasant personality is a woman of great finesse, determination and sophistication. 

She made a career change despite the risks involved due to PASSION - a quality thought to be lacking in our society these days. In fact I was secretly jealous of her, of course it's not a secret now. I was jealous that she dared to follow her heart and pursue what she wanted while I was still busy going through my list of what-ifs

Now the founder and creative director of Obllique, she is leaving her creative imprints in cafes and restaurants around the world!

Online Interview with Abigael:

1. Introduce yourself in one sentence.

I have been blessed with plenty and I am learning to live with enough.

2. Bragging rights?

I met and kissed Gary Barlow's cheek when I was 15 after winning a competition to see the band backstage before a concert. Take That!

3. What made you decide to be a SAHM/WAHM or part-time working mom or full-time working mom?

It wasn't a decision as it is a necessity to work and earn an income to support my children.

4. My ideal me-time would be spent....

Reading in a non-air-conditioned room.

5. Best fashion look or worst fashion faux pas? (pic preferable)

I permed my eyelashes because I was too lazy to curl them all the time. The left side started to droop faster than the right. I didn't know that perming my lashes made them extremely brittle and proceeded to use my eyelash curlers on them. I've been living with markedly shorter eyelashes on my left eye than my right eye for more than 10 years.

6. Best thing I like about being a mom.

I have my own children to smell whenever I have an urge to smell children because it is generally unacceptable to sniff other people's children.

7. One tip for mom-to-be is...

Apply copious amounts of moisturiser on your tummy even before stretch marks appear. They are indelible.

8. One thing I wish my child/children would know is...

That I have many embarrassing photos of them to share with their friends, when the time is right. There is always more to it than what appears on Facebook, children.

Question: Is PASSION overrated?
Tell me what you think in the comments. Let's have a RAWR-ing discussion!

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