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Thursday, 6 June 2013

I'm a Mummy, hear me RAWR!

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I am excited to announce that this blog would be launching a series called, "I'm a Mummy, hear me RAWR!". One mum will be featured every Thursday whom I think are RAWR-some in their own way.

Why RAWR and not ROAR? Well, they are the same, accept that the former is a sexier way of saying it (as suggested by various websites). And God knows any extra sexiness is welcome amidst soiled diapers, piles of laundry, to-do lists and breastfeeding!

Keep your eyes peeled to this space as I have on the list some pretty awesome mummies! Just for teaser, I'll let you in that you'll be hearing from a designer, an unschooling mum, a missionary's wife, an entrepreneur and a lifestyle store owner. This list is but the tip of the iceberg so tune in every Thursday and be inspired by these beautiful, resilient and wonderful beings called Mothers.

Do you have an inspiring story to tell about your mum or any mother that you know? I'll like to be inspired by it too!

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