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Monday, 8 July 2013

A House for Hermit Crab

In our recent trip to Hua Hin Beach, Thailand, we had some interesting encounters with these tiny creatures called hermit crabs.

We brought Princess and the Rock to the beach in front of our hotel and were initially disappointment with the offerings; the tide was too low, the beach was too rocky and the sea didn't seem enticing enough to swim in. However, we decided to take a stroll along the beach to pick some sea shells and to our very pleasant surprise, the shells "walked"! We found little hermit crabs! A lot of them!

Daddy suggested picking a few of them for observation so we ended up with this:

Princess and the Rock had so much fun interacting with the hermit crabs and they had a lot of questions too.

Finally we had to release the hermit crabs as there was no way we could bring them to Bangkok and then back to Singapore. The children were very reluctant to return the crabs to the beach but after some persuasion they finally did, but not without a lengthy closure ritual. 

They picked up each hermit crab and put them on the beach by themselves and said "Goodbye!" to them. And to serve as a little memento, I recorded a short clip:

When we came back to Singapore, I decided to help them find their hermit crabs by recreating them with some egg cartons, pipe cleaners and play dough we had on hand.

The ever creative Princess improvised on the craft and made some jellyfish by herself later!

I intend to read A House for Hermit Crab (which they have read before) with them and use some of the following printables to extend their learning.

Useful printables:

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