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Tuesday, 9 July 2013

I just wanna go to the gym...

Last evening I was all geared up to visit the gym after the satisfying workout last Friday. I was so determined to do my Mon-Wed-Fri routine; I prepared dinner early, asked my husband to be back earlier and even took a nap with Princess and the Rock in the afternoon to recharge! When my husband came back, I gave him instructions to give our children dinner and while I was doing that, Princess threw a spanner in the works - she cried and told me she did not want me to go.

The story behind goes like this:

Last Friday evening, I went to the gym for my workout. The dutiful father decided to bring Princess and The Rock for a car wash as they enjoyed seeing the soap and water being sprayed all over them. For some reason the car wash did not materialise and Daddy took them for a drive in the forest but miraculously ended up in a cemetery. Princess got curious when she saw the tombs and asked what those stones were. So Daddy explained that those were tombs and the deceased were buried underneath them. This created a lot of sadness and anguish in the Princess because she thought of the (future) deaths of her grandparents and since that day, whenever the sky turned dark she would be sad and upset.

Princess and the Rock
So pleased I gotta have a post workout photo taken last week

So today when I told her I would be going to the gym, she immediately refused and told me "Daddy would bring me to scary and sad places!" What's a loving and compassionate mother to do when she sees her daughter visibly afraid and sad? (1) Hug her and tell her, "I know how you feel, sweetheart, but mummy really has to whip that a** into shape." (2) Tell her, "Don't be silly, baby, there's nothing to be concerned about, people die and what's more, we'll all meet in heaven." (3) Tell her, "Ok, I won't go today. I'll stay here with you."

Guess which option I chose? My mind was really with (1) but I ended up doing (3). Sigh, I really wanted to hit the gym and I was even a wee bit resentful of the fact that I couldn't even get some time off for my own health (and vanity). But the appreciation Princess showed me (for my staying back) erased any bit of negative thoughts and hey, I can always try again the next day, right? We've arranged for Daddy to bring them out for a treat while I have my workout the next time. Hopefully that would help Princess in making more positive associations with Mummy's gym sessions! We'll see how it goes! :)

So, how do you mothers out there get some time out?

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