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Thursday, 25 July 2013

I'm a Mummy, hear me RAWR! - The Home Maker

"We believe that home is the ultimate reflection of personality. Interiors are about the people who inhabit them." 

Urban Kandy Lifestyle

Sheila Chapman,  the owner of Urban Kandy, is THE Home Maker, in more ways than one. She is a picture of modern feminity - stylish, confident and eloquent. A woman who holds the fort at home and at the same time, manages her business with equal commitment.

1. Introduce yourself in one sentence.
I’m Sheila people call me Shilz.

2. Bragging rights?
Mother of two gorgeous little boys (Devon, 3 and Noah 1yr old), wife to a lovely husband and owner of a little online home-‐ware store called Urban Kandy.

3. What made you decide to be a SAHM/WAHM or part-time working mom or full-time working mom?
I’m a WAHM, it was an easy decision although I loved what I was doing before I quit to start my own business.

I was managing a team of Graphic Designers within Barclays Capital in Singapore having decided to return to Singapore from New York doing the same.

I came back with huge enthusiasm and with much experience from my 3yrs in the states I thought I could really get ahead. However, I found management style extremely poor here in Singapore at least with my company, which left me unimpressed.

I then decided to quit when I found out I was 3mths pregnant to start up Urban Kandy. It was always my dream to open up a retail business but the cost to rent and with a baby on the way wasn’t the right option. So I decided to start it up online. Giving me the freedom to be at home with my baby.

4. My ideal me-time would be spent....
Cup of tea on my favorite chair with a good book.

5. Best fashion look or worst fashion faux pas?
I don’t particularly have a best fashion look but I do like wearing my favorite James Jeans twiggy jeans and my favorite tops are from 120% lino (I get all my clothes from my brother-‐in-‐law’s store -‐ ALPHA in the UK) and my new favorite, vivibarefoot shoes. 

I’ve got lots and lots of fashion faux pas especially from when I was a teenager; I hated wearing skirts or dresses but used to wear oversized clothes. What was I thinking... I didn’t look all that cute growing up with helmet hair and thick glasses... Cringe

6. Best thing I like about being a mom.
I think being a mother is one of life’s greatest privileges. The ability to experience love with no boundaries. Growing up we work hard to have life just the way we like it and then these little people come in and they turn your life upside down, with sleepless nights and constant worrying, but at the same time you can’t imagine life without them. It’s one of life’s ironies.

7. One tip for mom-to-be is...
They might drive you up the walls most of the time but they are still little people and it’s best to just enjoy them and enjoy the experience because they grow up very fast.

8. One thing I wish my child/children would know is...
I would like them to know that the world gives back what you put out. Make sure every important decision you make comes from the heart and to put kindness first. There is also this great quote I read somewhere some time ago that really touched me especially when it comes to raising boys.

A boy asked his mom, “How will I be able to find the right woman for me?” The mom answered, “Don’t worry about finding the right woman, concentrate on becoming the right man.” 

Get a peek into the treasure trove of exquisite homeware and lifestyle ideas from Urban Kandy here:

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  1. way to go babe! an inspiration to all.... awesooommmmeee!