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Thursday, 11 July 2013

Learning Through Play

"Not a very productive day. Feeling very frustrated."

The above Facebook status NEARLY brought me now yesterday. After I read that status update from a friend of mine, I thought to myself, "Oh dear, that's me! I haven't gotten Princess to read or write a single word today! But wait a minute, I'm far from feeling frustrated, I'm feeling pretty satisfied right now."

So how exactly did my day go? Or more like how did the homeschooling bit go?

Well, we did not touch any books today but we learnt much, I think.

These were what we did and what we learnt:

  • Cooking - Princess made her own pancake and made a dish of truffle-scented oven-roasted potatoes for Daddy. Knowing how to cook is one way towards independence. It is good to know that Princess would soon be able to prepare a simple meal for her brother and herself on days when I am unable to (due to illness or other reasons). And as she was cutting the potatoes into cubes (under my close supervision), she learnt about fractions as she needed to quarter it, cut into thirds etc. Nothing helps in learning a concept more than real-life experience I think. The tangibility of it helped Princess grasp the concept of fractions more easily.

  • Making snow - This activity was not initiated by me, in fact I nearly hit the roof when I found out what happened. The Rock emptied close to half a bottle of powder on the floor to create snow. All of it happened while I was trying to order a pizza for lunch. I glared at him when I saw the mess and he returned a grin and said, "Mummy! Look! So much snow!" I made an unprecedented response; I smiled and asked him about his snow experience. (Of course Princess and the Rock were involved in the clean-up after.) Before bedtime, we talked a little about the snow they created and listed some differences between real snow and powder snow. I think this Sparkly Snow Dough would be a less messy alternative!

  • Chasing hens and roosters - First of all, it was a really good physical exercise! Man, these poultry can really run. Princess and the Rock were very pleased to see Henny Penny and Cocky Locky come alive! I have alektorophobia (fear of chickens and other feathered fowls) so I can't say I was too excited about their newfound friends but I was quite pleased they had the opportunity to see these creatures up close and personal as they cannot be found easily these days. I think I'll ask them to do a still life of these feathered creatures soon, coupled with a study on chickens.

Here are some useful links for chicken crafts and studies:

What has your family learnt lately through playing? I'll like to hear them all in the comments!

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