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Saturday, 10 August 2013

Easy Fireworks Painting

Watching the National Parade on the television and singing the National Day Parade (NDP) songs along with the performers has been the usual way of celebrating National Day for us. We have also gone for staycations the past two years at Novotel Clarke Quay to watch the fireworks from the windows of our bayview rooms. I must say that was usually the highlight of the whole NDP for my children.

This year we did not go for our staycation but we opted to celebrate this special day with our besties (also my children's godparents). We went over to their house to have a feast of local zi char (loosely translated as cook-fry) dishes and an indulgent dessert of homemade waffles with Haagen Dazs ice-cream, chocolate fudge, chocolate shavings and crumble topping. The older children even had their hand at making the waffles and "decorating" it!

I've also prepared a simple art activity for the children since all of them enjoy art and craft. I thought since the fireworks excite the children so much, why not recreate them on their own! So this is what they did.

To create your own fireworks painting is really easy. You need only a few art materials that you are likely to have on hand and the steps are really simple.

Materials needed:

1. Oil pastels / crayons
2. Dark coloured poster paint e.g. black or dark blue poster paint
3. Sponge or big paint brush
4. Palette
5. Paper


1. Use a light-coloured crayon, put a dot anywhere on the paper. (This is to help younger children find the centre of the fireworks.)

2. Draw short strokes in a sunburst pattern around the dot.

3. Continue to draw strokes in sunburst pattern around the "first circle" of fireworks and so on an so forth until you are pleased with the size of your fireworks.

4. Once you have completed drawing your fireworks with crayons, use a sponge or a big brush to paint over the whole paper with your choice of dark coloured paint. Now your painting is completed!

The fireworks will show through the paint as the crayons are oil-based. 

Easy, isn't it?

My goddaughters proudly displaying their Fireworks Painting


1. Try to use white and brightly coloured crayons for the fireworks so that they would contrast with the dark "sky".

2. Your child may not draw perfect strokes in perfect circles but that's fine! They will still look pretty much like fireworks in the end, trust me on this! ;)

Now, go create some sparks of your own!

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  1. Oh my goodness! SO neat! I think when I have kids try this I will end up framing them. They are beautiful!