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Tuesday, 27 August 2013

ER - Doctor for a Day

I first knew about the "Doctor for a Day" programme through Gingerbread Mom. I immediately wanted to sign Princess up for it but to my dismay the slots were fully booked! Thankfully some time later a mom blogger, Jean, invited some of us (fellow bloggers) or rather our children for the experience.

Here are some photos of the Day:

They got to use a REAL stethoscope!

Can you tell that the Nursing Room is her favourite of all?

Reviving a patient to life!

Finally a new batch of doctors is born!

This is a really good initiative by Mount Elizabeth Novena, I feel, as it may take away some stigma and fear of going to the doctor or hospital after a fun and "real" experience of being "Doctor for a Day".


  1. That's such a cool experience! Did any part frighten them at all, or was it all thumbs up and smiles?


  2. What a great experience. Love the smiles!

  3. Love the smiles. What a great, educational experience!