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Friday, 23 August 2013

Fashion Friday replaced by Thoughtful Friday

Fashion Friday is replaced by Thoughtful Friday today because my mind is filled with thoughts and emotions today. But I promise a post full of fashionable ideas an beautiful photos after tomorrow. You'll see why. :)

It's with a tinge of sadness that I'm writing this post. I should be overjoyed because my "baby" brother is going to be married to a God-loving, beautiful and capable wife tomorrow. But I couldn't help but shed a few tears in the bathroom just now and I caught myself by surprise too. 

Maybe it's just because he's the "baby" in the family, maybe it's because I felt he hasn't been "pampered" enough as the youngest, maybe it's due to the fact that he was born into a fatherless environment, I've always felt he deserves a little extra love and attention. Now that he's taking another step towards greater independence, I feel excited for him and at the same time, also a sense of "cannot bear to let go". (I think my mum's emotions must be a thousand times more intense than mine!)

Warning to my brother: You can't run far from us because we're only two MRT stations away and Princess and The Rock will hunt you and your wife-to-be down no matter what! You know that, don't you?"

As we prepare for the joyous occasion tomorrow, I'll like to present this verse to my beloved brother and all who are married or to be married.

"So they are no longer two, but one flesh. Therefore what God has joined together, let no one separate." Matthew 19:6


  1. Happy Wedding Day to your brother! Enjoy - weddings are THE BEST!


  2. Although not from day 1, I've seen him "grow up" over the almost 2 decades too :)

    Blessings ... blessings ...

    1. Oh yes! He is really blessed to have friends like you. :)