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Friday, 2 August 2013

Lollibox - Three Cs in a Box!

Some time back, we received a parcel of goodies from Lollibox. Lollibox is essentially what I call "3 Cs (Contents, Convenience and Creativity) in a box" or as described on their website, "Hands-on fun delivered to your doorstep! Enjoy craft projects and educational activities that spark children's creativity and foster family bonding. All materials and know-how content included!"

I was really keen to lay my hands on one of those boxes when I was asked if I wanted to review it, as it sounded like it might be something that many busy parents or caregivers would appreciate. The process of ordering or subscribing to Lollibox is really simple. Just subscribe Lollibox for a period of 3/6/12 months and each month a box with a different theme, filled with materials and inspiration will arrive at your doorstep. You and your child just need open up your LolliBox and start on your wonderful creations!

These are the contents of our Lollibox with the Sun, Sand and Sea theme:

Our box had materials needed to make a flower lei, sun visor and a beach ball. There were other suggested activities that allowed further development of the theme. In our case, the activities suggested were discovering sun silhouettes, create sand shakers and desalinate sea water. 

The Rock wanted to make the flower lei so Daddy helped to cut the straws into equal distance for him to thread into a long necklace with the felt flower petals provided.

This threading activity may seem simple but it helps to train fine motor skills / hand-eye coordination. It was quite a challenge for the Rock when he just started so he was really thrilled when he succeeded at it. The video below says it all!

Princess chose the slightly more challenging project of designing the beach ball. After blowing up the beach ball (with Daddy's help) she decided to draw the designs with a permanent marker before colouring in with the acrylic paint.

The third activity was decorating the sun visor. Different shaped foam stickers were provided together with foam visor. It was only a matter of peeling of the foam stickers and sticking them onto the visor. I can imagine that your own materials can be used if your child is the sort who likes to improvise. For instance, using glitter glue, mini pom poms or jewel stones stickers. All these materials can be purchased easily at Daiso and we have enjoyed decorating other art projects with them.

What I loved about the Lollibox was the convenience of having everything we needed in a box that was delivered right to our doorstep. The instructions were also easy to follow and we could do as much or as little as we liked. 

The products we created were put to good use in our recent family holiday to the Hua Hin beach. It was a pity that we forgot to pack our beach ball, if not I believe they would have a fun time with it as well.

You can get your own Lollibox aka "3 Cs in a box" by following these instructions. More information can also be found here

Disclaimer: I received a complimentry LolliBox for the purpose of this review.  All opinions are my own.


  1. I've totally heard of this! Glad to see a recommendation - looks totally worth it!


  2. I've heard of this! Nice to see a recommendation, looks like so much fun!