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Thursday, 15 August 2013

Musical Composition with Stickers

Music and I are not really best friends or maybe I should say, music doesn't want to be known by me. For some reason I just didn't manage to progress in my musical education, but moving to the beat of the music and karaoke are right up my alley though! My husband, on the other hand, is the musically inclined one and he came from a family of musicians, in fact, my in-laws formed a band in the past!

So I've always felt inadequate when it comes to providing music education to my children but Princess and The Rock have music in their bones so I still try to incorporate music into our play and homeschooling as much as possible.

I was so thrilled to read Dyan's post on Composing Music With Stickers Using an Xylophone and I introduced it to Princess and The Rock the very next day.

Did you notice I didn't offer my children a piece of paper for the musical composition? That's because I intended to recycle them for this!

I needed to make sight words fun before I asked Princess to do the traditional spelling test. :P

What musical activities have you done recently? Please share them with me!


  1. Love it! Hope they enjoyed it!!

  2. This sounds like such a great idea and I love xylophones. Just love the sounds they make. Thanks for sharing your idea.