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Tuesday, 17 September 2013

13 Things I Learnt from being a Mum who Blogs

I've been attending a few events lately due to "media invite". Honestly these events are not something I am used to but I am proud to say that I've survived them quite well, with no major embarrassing moments. Coming from someone who used to make U-turns just to avoid a conversation, I think blogging has helped me to a great extent in the social department.

By "social", I don't only mean Facebook and other social media platforms. Through blogging and Facebook, I got to meet some like-minded mummies (in person) and even found some friends I've lost touch with. This definitely helps to add some colour to my almost non-existent social life after I became a SAHM.

Being a mum (in my 30s) who blogs has also brought about certain "revelations". I'm sharing 13 here:

  1. "Likes" is but a number, my children NEED their dinner!

  2. Instagram is for people with no kids, people with children do better with "latergram".

  3. Sometimes more photos mean less enjoyment of the moment - it is a judgement call.

  4. My children need my hands free of the phone and camera so that I can hold their hands.

  5. Good thing "followers" only exist virtually, it would be really creepy if one has 243,786 followers in real life (unless you are a pop star)!

  6. Photoshop is here to save the world (almost). I just need to learn it harness the power.

  7. Pinterest is what it is. Pin it for interest, it may not get done. Don't fret too much about it.

  8. Pinterest can be more addictive than Korean dramas, proceed with caution. A word of advice: finish your work and put food on the table before you enter the world of PINS. Of course some may argue that pinning IS work. 

  9. Take self-portraits from a higher angle to achieve "V" shaped face. 

  10. Take full-body shots from a slightly lower angle to get those mile-long legs.

  11. I can't do "Happy Monday! xoxo" selfies but I can do a kick-ass "Drowsy Grouchy Monday! Grrr..." selca.

  12. The humble iphone can do far more than I imagined. It works for me because juggling children, a diaper bag and a pram makes it difficult for me to work with another bigger and heavier camera.

  13. If in doubt, keep private affairs private. Readers may may find it more awkward for them to read than for the blogger to write. 

What have you learnt from blogging? :)

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