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Wednesday, 11 September 2013

$2 Fun and Learning - Water Balloons

By now, most of you would've known my love relationship with Daiso, and again my lovely Daiso did not disappoint me by giving Princess and The Rock loads of fun with it's $2 water balloons. Initially I bought them with the intention of just having some water play with them but I got inspired by this water balloon game from Little Bins for Little Hands and decided to incorporate a little learning as well.

The day before Princess learnt about diphthongs and vowel digraphs so I used the opportunity to see if she recognised the sounds of them. Daddy helped to "prepare the ground" by writing the diphthongs and vowel digraphs within shapes and writing some random capital letters on the ground. I called out the diphthongs and she had to look for them and throw the water balloons at the correct ones.

As for The Rock, I tested him on shapes and the sounds of some of the letters he knew.

Sometimes the balloon did not burst...

"Here I come, Mr K!"

Towards the last part, it was just free for all!

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