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Wednesday, 11 September 2013

Barbie Live 2013

The mere mention of "Barbie" raises red flags and strong opinions (whether amongst lay persons or professionals), especially regarding its impact on young girls' self-image. Her disproportionate and unrealistic figure has been a heated topic for debate and recently there was an artist who used the Photoshop to create a Barbie with a real woman's measurement.

As a mother, I was also wondering if I should let Princess play with her first Barbie (it was a birthday gift). Would she think that she needed to look like Barbie to be beautiful? Would she starve herself in the future so that she could achieve Barbie's proportion? Being unsure, I delayed the opening of that gift until a year later! Princess did play with it but I realised she liked it not for the "pretty" part but more for the "princess" notion. I think it must be the poufy dress or the immaculate blond curls (which is all tangled now).

So forward to about a week ago, when Princess and I were invited by Nuffnang to watch the Barbie Live 2013 for the purpose of this review. I felt I was brought back to the day when Princess asked if she could open that Barbie doll present. Again similar questions raced through my head. Should I let her watch it? What kind of values would she be exposed to? Would Barbie in the production be objectified and sexualised? Am I over-thinking things?

I decided to read up on the production and finally chose to take Princess for the show because it is about Barbie helping her friend, Teresa, to believe in herself and her abilities when she had self-doubt.  (For the synopsis, please refer here.) Princess seems to be going through a period of self-doubt herself, so I thought this play may serve as a good platform for discussion on the same topic.

The musical production was entertaining and the sets were certainly spectacular. Everything that a princess-y girl could ask for (reads glitter, pink, pretty dresses and butterfly wings), the musical provided. There were different dance styles and types of music too, so you have no chance to feel bored! I especially enjoyed watching the backup dancers (as with any live production) and Princess could not stop singing the catchy tunes while we were having dinner after that! My favourite character though, was Peg Pincushion Jones; I like her for her comic performance and whimsical costume!

Was it a worthwhile production to catch? Definitely, if you (or your children) are Barbie fans. It is quite something to see a real life Barbie! I must say that the makeup and costume team did fantastic job! Do note that it is a 120 minutes production (with a 15 minutes interval in between) if you are bringing younger children.

Barbie Live 2013


Performance Schedule
10 - 14 September 2013


Tuesday, Wednesday & Friday: 2:45PM & 6:45PM
Thursday & Saturday: 11AM, 2:45PM & 6:45PM

Mastercard Theatres - Sands Theatre

Price (Exclude booking fees)
VIP - S$125 (includes photo opportunity with cast)
A Reserve - S$95 
B Reserve - S$75 
C Reserve - S$55 
D Reserve - S$35

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