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Saturday, 28 September 2013

Fashion Friday - Sarees

A woman in saree is charming, traditional and sexy all at once. It is an Indian attire made of a strip of cloth, ranging from four to nine yards in length, draped over the body in various styles. The saree is worn with a short blouse and a petticoat called the lehenga or pavadai (and other different names in different parts of India).

Although it is commonly worn by Indian women, many women of other races are equally attracted to it due to its countless attractive designs and it's ability to show-off a woman's curves beautifully and conservatively. (Of course the saree can also be worn in a sexy manner if one so desires.)

I own a few sarees, all gifted by my lovely mother-in-law. But I hardly wear them as I find tying a sari a great challenge, however, now I know of a "cheat" solution. All sarees can be readily stitched and all you need to do is to zip up and arrange the long end over the shoulder! The first time I wore a ready-made saree, I couldn't help but exclaimed, "Tada! Magic!" I would never go back to tying sarees the traditional way again but that is just me.

How do I look in saree?

I'm sure you must be excited to SEE more sarees rather than "hear" me "talk" about them. So here are some photos of traditional Indian clothes that my family and extended family members wore during my cousin-in-law's bangle ceremony and wedding ceremony.

Don't you adore the colours of the punjabi suits?

Isn't she a charming young lady in saree?

Check out the intricate embroidery

Who can resist these smiles?

"Which coloured gummy candy do you want?"

It doesn't matter whether you are young like my MIL...

...or younger like my SIL, you'll still be a stunner in a saree!

Don't you just love the mini ones?

Here's the bonus video clip of the energetic Bhangra dance we saw at the bangle ceremony:

Have you worn a saree? What do you like about it?

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