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Tuesday, 24 September 2013

Fun for Sale at S$2 a Pop

Daiso is one of my favourite places to shop, as you can see from here and here. I buy a lot of my teaching and "recreational" materials from there. Some of you may know that one of my favourite ways of spending an afternoon is having a cuppa at Jones the Grocer (ION branch) with Princess crafting beside me, using materials that I bought from Daiso (at basement four) and the Rock soundly napping in the stroller.

Here I am presenting five items from Daiso that provided so much fun to my children and I:

  1. Origami Paper - There is quite a big variety of origami paper at Daiso; they come in different sizes and designs (some patterned, some plain coloured, some iridescent, some matte etc)

  2. Pom Pom Flower Tissue - These are really convenient to use as they come pre-cut, pre-folded and assembled. All you need to do is to separate the pieces of tissue and arrange the "petals". It is so easy to use, even The Rock could make his own pom pom flower!

  3. Beads for Accessories Making - The whole set of 18 types of beads (string included) costs only S$2! Can someone say "best deal"! Princess made me a Teacher's Day present from her set recently. :)

  4. Magnetic sheets - Sorry I don't have any photos of the packaging but they can be easily spotted near the magnets (stationary) section. These can be cut to any shape you like with a pair of scissors. Some of these magnetic sheets even have different colours on each side. I cut them into different geometric shapes, so Princess and the Rock can make collages with them and learn about the different shapes at the same time. I use these to teach Princess fractions as well. (Here is a short video clip of my two little ones using these cut magnetic sheets.)

  5. Caramel Corn - all thanks to Mabel, we know have another maple-flavoured snack to enjoy as we fold our origami paper cranes!

    So there you are, fun activities at only $2 a pop! What are your favourite buys from Daiso?


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