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Thursday, 5 September 2013

I'm a Mummy, hear me RAWR! - The "Femme Fatale" Lecturer

Today's mummy is none other than my BFF and Princess' and The Rock's godma. A friend of 20 years but I have no idea what to write about her! Is it overfamiliarity? I don't know. But the reason why she is featured here is because she is one STEADY MUM. Zai, as the Hokkiens say it. I've not really seen her flustered when it comes to parenting although her husband says she can be a "gan chiong spider" (flustered spider). Always loving but never permissive, always strict but never demanding, this is the kind of parent she is.

Her duty as a nurturer does not stop with being a mother; she is also a part time lecturer at tertiary institutions where she does more than imparting knowledge. A life coach of sort is what I would call her. I think it must be her non-judgemental attitude that encourages her students to look up to her as a mentor. Or... it could be her good looks that draw her students to her like bees to honey! :P

I was her bridesmaid more than 10 years ago.


1. Introduce yourself in one sentence.
I am a wife, a mother, a daughter, a sister, a friend, an educator…I am WOMAN.

2. Bragging rights?
I gave birth to both my girls naturally without epidural or any painkillers. 

3. What made you decide to be a SAHM/WAHM or part-time working mom or full-time working mom?
My decision to become a SAHM after my second daughter, Alethea, was not exactly by choice. She was a high-need baby who rejected the bottle from the age of 2 months, the only way to get her to feed was to latch her on. Me, being the “supplier”, therefore had to be around all the time.

Furthermore she was not a good “sleeper”, she would wake up every hour in the middle of the night. She kept this up for her first year, which meant that I was devastatingly deprived of sleep. Aside from the constant demands of caring for Alethea, I was also facing problems with my eldest daughter. My eldest girl, Tabitha, took at least 6 months to adapt to the new addition to the family. She was having difficulty accepting the fact that she no longer had mummy's and daddy’s undivided attention. Therefore becoming a SAHM was the only way to go. This allowed me to care for Alethea while spending more time with Tabitha. 

I started working part-time as a lecturer after Alethea turned 2. Things were easing up on the home front and Alethea started to attend half-day playgroup at Tabitha’s kindergarten, which left me some free time for myself every day. 

Personally I feel that working part-time has allowed me to gain some balance in life. Whilst still being able to care for my children, I am able to stay in touch with the world beyond my gates (and beyond the world of Facebook…). Being able to interact with society and my peers is important for me, so as not to lose my own identity. I have to remind myself that I am not just a mother of two, I am my own person as well. A person who does not only talk about the chores of the household, the daily routine of my daughters or the academic achievements of my children, but is also able to hold a conversation about the other aspects of life.  

4. My ideal me-time would be spent....
ALONE. No husband, no children. Just ME!

5. Best fashion look or worst fashion faux pas? (pic preferable)
Not quite a fashionista, but my one fashion must-have would be KILLER HEELS… 
(This is the reason I said "Femme Fatale". My heels look childish compared to hers. And mind you, she wears those like cross-trainers; she can run after The Rock with them with no problem and The Rock CAN. RUN. FAST!)

As for accessories, I’ve done without them (most of the time) since I gave birth to Tabitha eight years ago. Nowadays, my “accessories” are more interesting and interactive…sometimes I even “borrow” accessories from Felicia. I simply love my latest “accessories” – I can hug them and kiss them anytime, anywhere…though they do need daily cleaning and feeding. 

6. Best thing I like about being a mom.
Seeing my daughters grow and develop their own identities and personalities. 

7. One tip for mom-to-be is...
Do not neglect the two most important people in your life: Yourself and your husband. Only when you are happy and content can you give your best to your family. Only when your children witness the love between you and your husband can they learn to love and be loved. 

8. One thing I wish my child/children would know is...
Having more than one child does not mean my love for each of them is divided. With each child that God has given me, He has also increased the amount of love I have in my heart to love each of them equally.
To my dearest Tabitha and Alethea: Always know that mummy’s love for you is limitless. Go out into the world and experience life. If you face any challenges and difficulties outside, do not be afraid for the Lord is watching over you and will light the path before you. If you ever need a reassuring hug, a comforting hug or a congratulatory hug, you can always come home…our doors are always open and my arms are always open and waiting for you.  

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