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Tuesday, 3 September 2013

Snow Dough Sensory Fun

We've just finished reading the picture book "Lemonade in Winter" and it was definitely a good read with many themes to be explored.

Lemonade in Winter

As the story is set in winter, we did a few activities that were winter-related. As we all know, Singapore's weather is far from wintry and there is no snow to be found at any time of the year, naturally. Hence I decided to recreate "snow" so that they can have somewhat an experience of powdery snow. I remembered pinning a recipe for snow dough and it was the best time to use it!

snow dough


Sparkly Snow Dough (adapted from this one)

lemonade in winter

  • 8 cups of all-purpose flour
  • 1 cup of baby oil (or other oil, I used edible canola oil)
  • A little peppermint flavouring
  • White / Silver / Blue glitter (I used silver, gold and light blue as they were what I could find)

Mix with your hands or a whisk until ingredients are evenly distributed. I added peppermint flavouring to enhance the "cooling sensation" as the peppermint smell is usually associated with "coolness". 

Go wild with it! (As you will see in the photos to follow!)

Princess and The Rock started the sensory experience by feeling and moulding the "snow"...

Snow dough
"So this is how snow feels like..."

snow dough
It can be moulded.

... then they added friends so that they got to experience the snow city too!
snow dough
Dora and company wanted to play too!

Soon the inevitable happened. Snow. All. Over. The. Ground. It all happened before I could say, "Stop!" But what's winter without ice-skating, right?

Snow on the ground.

Skated they did. It was just like how they've done it with powder the last time.

"Woooah! Slippery!"

"Look at how I do figure skating, mummy!"

Have you tried making your own snow dough too? I hope you'll try this out if you haven't as the sparkly "snow" is really quite enchanting!


Note: Are you wondering what happened to all the "snow" at the void deck? Well, Princess and The Rock helped and I did most of it with:

Yes, a phone card I found.

This is the end result. Not spic and span but not too bad right? :P

Toddly Mummy

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