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Monday, 16 September 2013

Spray Painting - Messy but Oh-So-Fun!

Last Saturday, Princess and The Rock had some real messy fun with their cousins at my-in-laws' place. I bought some spray bottles of varied colours earlier in the week and planned to have them do some spray-painting.

I had to attend a workshop so I tasked my husband to coordinate the activity. He showed me the photos when I came back and I wished I was part of it too!

This art activity is really simple but I'll just list the materials and instructions anyway.

Spray paint

Materials needed:

  1. Spray bottles
  2. Food colouring or any washable paint
  3. Water
  4. Big pieces of paper (Mahjong paper is a good choice.)


  1. Put some food colouring or paint in the spray bottle with some water. If using food colouring, test that the colour of the mixed solution is vibrant enough and if using paint, do the same and also make sure that the consistency is thin enough to spray. If possible, match the colour of the paint to the colour of the bottles or use clear bottles so that it's easy for children to know what colours they are using.

  2. Use masking tape and secure a few pieces of paper on the ground.

  3. Hand your child(ren) the bottles and spray away!

What's not to love about messy art?
This activity doubles as a bicep workout too!
Pardon the randomly placed slippers and bottles,
Daddy forgot the masking tape. :P

What messy art have you indulged your child(ren) in lately?


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