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Wednesday, 25 September 2013

Stranger Danger

"Don't talk to strangers!"
"That uncle with the moustache is going to take you away if you don't come back here!"

Do these words sound familiar to you? I know I've been told these when I was a child and my mum is still telling these words to my children now.

I haven't thought much about this "stranger danger" issue until I read a blog post by The Blogfather recently.

My husband and I have not consciously taught or warned our children not to talk to strangers but we always remind them that there are different kinds of people around; some are friendlier than others, some like playing with children and some prefer adults-only company and some people make good choices while some people make not-so-good ones. There was an incident that I wrote about here that taught Princess and I a good lesson about the kind of choices people make in life.

My husband, the "music teacher" (also the "art teacher") made it a point to instill neighbourliness in Princess and the Rock by singing the song below with them and teaching them to greet the familiar faces whom we meet in our neighbourhood everyday.

So what about "stranger danger"? Am I not worried that my children might get kidnapped or become easy preys for pedophiles due to their friendly disposition? You bet I am! That's why the rule of thumb is: Always be at a place where mummy or daddy can see you by making sure that you can see mummy or daddy. 

Hence asking for extra serviettes or the bills in restaurants, changing notes to coins for their kiddy rides with the stall-owner or buying their snacks are simple tasks that we teach Princess and the Rock to do on their own. What we want them to learn is that they can be friendly to strangers, in fact they need to politely engage with them frequently in everyday life, but be cautious using these three rules:
  1. Do not go away with strangers.
  2. Do not allow strangers to touch you.
  3. Do not be alone with strangers; always be at a brightly-lit and "crowded" place.
To end of this somewhat serious post, here's a photo of Princess and the Rock with their favourite "Uncle Postman". :)

How do you teach your child to be safe? Do share your tips with me and other readers by leaving your comments! 


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