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Friday, 11 October 2013

Fashion Friday - J for Jellyfish!

Ok, maybe calling this Jellyfish headdress fashion is a bit too far-fetched but hey, it is no doubt still a piece of fashion item for my Princess (let's just say her taste is kind of eclectic).

This post is written as part of the 31 Days of ABCs series by All Done Monkey. In the month of October, each blogger will present an activity or craft related to the letter of the day and there will be a linkup for other bloggers to share their post for the same letter.

My letter is "J" and since Princess and The Rock both love the underwater, we decided to create a jellyfish with recycled materials we had on hand.

To make your own jellyfish, you'll need:

  • bubble wrap (from previous packages)
  • microwaveable container (from previous takeouts)
  • plastic bag
  • sticky tape
  • scissors

  1. Cut a piece of bubble wrap big enough to fully wrap around the plastic container (you don't need the cover). 

  2. Tape the four corners of the bubble wrap on the inside of the plastic container. 

  3. Pull in the bubble wrap to wrap around the plastic container to achieve a bowl-like shape and tape to secure.

  4. Cut away the handles and the base of the plastic bag.

  5. If working with a young child, draw lines on the rectangular part of the plastic bag. Do not worry about the regularity of the lines, the waviness adds to the charm.

  6. Cut along the lines to get long strips.

  7. Stick the strips to the inside of the container with sticky tape.

  8. Jellyfish is complete!

Princess and The Rock have used the jellyfish as a headdress (as in the first photo above) and made it into a "lantern" and brought it for a walk, or rather a "swim". :)

Easy as ABC, isn't it? 

Now it's your turn link up your “J” themed ideas. Do also follow this series throughout the month of October to find (and contribute) activities and ideas for each letter of the alphabet!

31 Days of ABCs - October 2013

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