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Thursday, 17 October 2013

Shapes and Colours (Free Printable)

This post is about an exercise I created for Princess and The Rock to recognise shapes and colours.

I'm sure most of you have seen or own those shape sorter toy that looks like this:

We have not one but three variations of these, all hand me downs from great friends and relatives. These are fantastic for early learning about shapes. I love the tactile aspect of such a toy as the child can touch and feel that a triangle has three sides etc. However, Princess and The Rock got bored with them after a while as they got familiar with them, so I decided to create this activity for them.

Princess and The Rock, loved the use of velcro in this activity as this is the first time I made use of the self-adhesive velcro I got from Daiso. Both of them could learn at different levels using this simple activity.

For Princess, she started to recognise and match the names of the shapes with the shapes themselves, particularly the more difficult ones like "octagon" or "parallelogram" etc. I also included the names of some newer colours like "turquoise" and "beige".

The Rock was happy just sticking the shapes onto the template. I tried to sneak in some learning by talking about the shapes he picked up by asking questions like, "What shape are you holding?" or "What is the colour of the square?"

Some questions you can ask in this activity:
  • How many sides does this shape have?
  • Does this shape have any corners? How many?
  • What object can you find at home that is of this shape?

Possible spin-offs from this activity:
  • Simple origami, e.g folding a square into half makes a rectangle or triangle.
  • Scavenger hunt to look for objects in the house of a certain shape.
  • English writing exercise (e.g. Write a sentence to describe the hexagon or write a short and funny poem about the circle and the star.)

I have included a link for the free printable for your convenience. Again, please feel free to print it for your own use or classroom use but not for any form of commercial use. 

For the free printable, click here.

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