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Tuesday, 12 November 2013

You've got mail! - DIY Cardboard Mailbox

As promised, this is the 10th Top Cardboard Craft presented by yours truly.

I've basically put together a few cardboard boxes of different sizes that I have on hand to create a little creativity corner/mailbox kind of thing, since Princess and The Rock enjoy writing notes and drawing pictures for my husband and I. Please note that this a work-in-progress and it is definitely not a showcase kind of project, but I thought I'll like to introduce another way of using cardboard boxes if you have some lying around.

I'm not comfortable with giving exact instructions as I think what you create really depends on the size of cardboard boxes you have. You can just go with the flow, if you get what I mean.

Here are some photos for inspiration though:

Front view: Slot on top for putting mails

I used paper fasteners and a rubber band to make a "lock".

The inside. I intend to add a few more pockets and compartments when
suitable boxes come along the way.

This is the mailbox which I attached at the back of the top flap.

I cut a flap on the mailbox and included a "handle" so that they can easily retrieve mails.

I've got mail!

I hope you think this is worthy of a place in my Top 10 Cardboard Crafts list. :) What is your favourite cardboard craft idea?

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