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Wednesday, 27 November 2013

Sending my Child to Kid's Club = Sending my Child to NS

On Princess' 5th birthday, I sent her to a kid's club at a hotel for the first time. Shangri-la's Rasa Sentosa Kid's Club to be precise (it's called Toots Club if I didn't get it wrong).

The friendly mascot

I thought about it deep and hard before I finally took the step to allow her to be on her own at the Kid's Club. That wasn't the first time we've been to be a resort with a dedicated Kid's Club and it wasn't the first time Princess has visited one but it was the first time we weren't allowed into it and the first time she didn't want us into it!

I don't know if any of you parents feel the same way as me or have felt the same but sending Princess to the Kid's Club was like sending her to the National Service (NS). The worries I had, I think, are similar to the ones a parent of a to-be enlisted NSman has. Some thoughts were:
  1. Will she be safe?
  2. What if she gets injured?
  3. Is the environment safe enough?
  4. Will she get bullied?
  5. What if she doesn't like the food provided?
  6. Will she eat enough during meals?
  7. What if she cannot finish her meals within the stipulated time?
  8. Will she be able to cope with the strenuous activities?
  9. She can't swim yet. Is it safe for her to to go the pool without Mummy and Daddy?
  10. Are the staff-in-charge responsible and gentle to kids?

In fact I went to "check" a few times on the first day she was at the Kid's Club and to my relief, everything seemed fine except that she had a grand total of two chicken nuggets and a small cup of apple juice for lunch. And I did not forget to ask, "Did you change into and out of your swimsuit on your own or did someone help you?" To which the reply was, "I did it all by myself!" I wasn't comfortable with a stranger changing Princess. Was I being too paranoid? I don't think so, I think it's better to err on the side of caution when safety (in all aspects) is involved.

A great water play area for kids

One of the firm favourites of Princess and The Rock - water slides

I am also pleased to report that the Kid's Club at Rasa Sentosa was awesome and she had a great time there. In actuality the whole experience at Rasa Sentosa was superb and the relations department did everything they could to make Princess' birthday a special one!

Special "Happy Birthday" performance!

Complimentary cake

Rasa Sentosa
The impressive 3-storey slide
Art Corner

TV corner

Reading corner

The junior section for the below five year olds.

Inside Mini Toots Club

I booked a half-board package called the Rasa Family Fun package which included breakfasts and dinners for two adults and two children in a bigger deluxe room and a whole lot of perks. It was definitely a good decision to go for this almost all-inclusive package as our stay was so short it'd be a hassle to have to leave the resort for meals. Overall it was a very enjoyable staycation and I would definitely consider Rasa Sentosa for future staycations with Princess and The Rock as it is very child-friendly.

For more information on the Rasa Family Fun package, go here.

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