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Monday, 25 November 2013

Simple can be the best too.

In my five years of parenthood I've learnt that simplicity is the best. And man am I glad that this same "simple formula" worked the last few days.

Say, "Cheese!"

Because normal is just too boring!

On Thursday and Friday we celebrated Princess' birthday with a "bang"! On Thursday we had a party and we spent Friday night at Rasa Sentosa. She declared that she enjoyed her birthday celebration tremendously this year. You won't believe how relieved I felt to hear her say that because I planned her party TWO DAYS before her party! I felt kind of guilty planning it at such a last minute, especially after seeing how well-planned other children's birthday parties were (what with coordinated decor, cake and costumes). We shopped for the balloons and some simple decor on the day of the party, asked my aunt to help buy the cake (not ordered beforehand with customisation) one hour before the dinner party and she wore an old dress (a discounted Karen Millen dress which she's worn twice) and a mini tiara that was bought for her birthday last year.

There's always room for goofing!

Now why did we plan for the party in such a rush? It is because we didn't intend to have it at first; we were supposed to spend her birthday at Legoland Malaysia but alas we (including Princess herself) decided it wouldn't be much fun going without the company of her god-sisters and they couldn't make it this time round. Hence we had to "switch plans" and planned for a birthday celebration with the people closest to her.

Although there were only seven children (made up of The Rock, her cousins, her god-sisters and a neighbour), they had their tummies filled with the simple but wholesome fare prepared by my mum and had great fun with the paper dolls, bubble wands and sparklers. Most importantly Princess felt special and enjoyed her birthday even with a simply planned party.

Contents of the goodies bag

Bubbles, bubbles everywhere!

Would I try to pull off this "stunt" again? Probably not or at least I'll try not to. But I know with certainty now that a child's idea of a good time involves a lot less that we think. I suspect the almost full-proof formula is "Love + Engaging Activities + Safe environment + Humour = Fun + Laughter". What do you think?

Mighty pleased with her presents!

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