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Wednesday, 13 November 2013

"Today is the best day ever!"

Today my children and goddaughters exclaimed, "Today is the best day ever!"

I wondered what made them feel that way about today? Is it the trip to the Resorts World Sea Aquarium? Or the fact that none of them needed to take the dreaded afternoon nap but got to get wet by the Universal Studios misty globe instead? Could it be the m&ms and chocolate offered as desserts by mummy (or Godma)?

I suspect it is all the above and more.

I think today the children were glad to be in the company of their favourite siblings from another mother for ONE WHOLE DAY! That in itself was a treat; they were not rushed to finish up with their playing so that they can get home for bedtime, which was usually the case. Today a half-day outing ended up being a full-day one, "thanks" to a minor accident on my BFF's (my children's godma) car.

Today was also my best day ever (kind of) because a near nervous breakdown ended up being an encouragement to me. Well, to cut the story short, the accident I mentioned above caused an emergency for me and my BFF's family. They needed to "take refuge" at my house for a moment while the vehicle got fixed. My house? MY HOUSE! My house is not the kind of house you can pop in for tea anytime, it's the kind of house that my fellow mum blogger friends have. You can look at some examples here, here or here. (I'm sorry for pointing you out, mummies, but I have no courage to post photos of my own yet.) Hence you can imagine the panic that rushed over me the moment I uttered, "OK." and put down the phone.

True and fair enough, the first thing my goddaughter said when she entered the house was, "Wah, your house is so messy ah?" *Gulp* What an embarrassing moment for me but the comments took a different turn afterwards. She looked around the house and continued enviously "You did all these with them?" (pointing to the artwork and printed paper stuck onto my shoe cabinet.) I casually replied, "Yah, I do a lot of these things with them as they don't go to school like you. You see, you get to do all these in school but since they are being homeschooled, I plan these activities for them." She muttered under her breath, "No, not really. I don't do much of these in school."

What a mixed bag of emotions I felt in that mere few minutes; guilt mixed with embarrassment, pride along with joy and many questions that followed. But the main questions in my mind were, "How would my children cope with mainstream school if they go on to a more formalised Primary school education? Is it going to be vastly different? Will it be better for them?"

I have no answers to my questions now but I know at the end of today, I felt good that my goddaughters seemed to appreciate what I am doing with Princess and The Rock (judging from their response and the way they "relished" the DIY Mailbox/Craft Corner). This mildly bizarre experience made me realise that while we try to be the best that we can be for (our) children in everything, it is sometimes enough to just do more of the things that matter to them. Nope, this is not my excuse to leave the house as it is, it IS going to be tidied up, I promise.

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