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Thursday, 7 November 2013

Watching the world go by...

The Rock loves to look out of the window at the cars whizzing by, children laughing and playing downstairs and he'll be especially thrilled if he sees a bird or two chirping on the trees!

This afternoon Princess and The Rock were doing the same and I casually asked, "Do you see any birds? I can hear chirping." The Q&A went on for a few rounds and I thought, "Why not sneak in some learning?" So I made it into a game. Which child doesn't like a good game, right?

There is only one rule to the game: Listen to the instructions / questions carefully and 1 point would be given to the correct answer.

We managed to review a few subjects we've learnt before while having some fun too!

For English, I asked questions like:

  1. "Where is the cat?" (Prepositions)
  2. What is the covering on top of the building? (Vocabulary. In this case, I introduced the word "roof".)
  3. Please tell me the names of three yellow things. (Vocabulary. Rock could point to them but he was unable to name them, e.g. yellow road markings.)

For Math, some questions asked were:
  1. Do you see anything that is rectangular in shape? (Shapes)
  2. Can you count how many children are there in this group? (Counting)
  3. Which tree is the tallest? (Measurement)

For Science, these are some questions:
  1. Can you name me four living/non-living things that you see?
  2. Do you see the trees over there? How do you think they grew so big?
  3. What is the colour of the sky? Do you think it's going to rain soon? How do you know?

Of course there were many questions from Princess and The Rock along the way too, as they noticed "new" things they haven't seen before and that's great as one of the best way to learn is to question. 

This game went on for quite a while as they loved the idea of accumulating points. I think incidental learning like this is the best, do you agree?

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