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Tuesday, 3 December 2013

Product Review & Giveaway: Two Kids Dinosaurs Galore Kit (Winner announced.)

Some time ago, we received a Paint-It-Yourself Dinosaurs Kit from Two Kids Cooking and More. We've received craft kits like these before but none were as hefty as this one! It was delivered in a brown box and when we opened it we found a hemp bag full of "things" and it was prettily tied up
with a hemp string and with a card attached. The packaging already won me over. I'm sorry I do not have picture of the unopened package as Princess and The Rock were so excited that they opened it before I could snap a shot but these are the contents within:

Everything that you need to complete the craft were included. Things included in this kit were four wooden dinosaurs, a set of paintbrushes, mini paint tubs, sandpaper and instruction sheet.

Princess and The Rock couldn't wait to get their hands on them so we started to paint right away. We took two sessions to complete the craft though as time was needed for drying of the paint in between layers.

Princess was tasked the more sophisticated job of sanding down the rough bits of the wooden dinosaurs.

It can't be seen in this photo but she was holding a small piece of sandpaper.

Once we made sure all the dinosaurs were splinters-free and smooth, we gave them a base coat. We stopped at this step for the first session for the paint to dry. We realised the designs got mixed with the base coat if we painted them on a wet base so we postponed the more exciting designing process to another day, although with much reluctance from Princess and The Rock.

During the second session, it was a lot more fun as Princess and The Rock could design the dinosaurs any way they liked. They had a great time putting spots and stripes and splashes of colours on those dinosaurs.

Princess was pretty much able to handle painting the whole dinosaur by herself without much assistance but The Rock needed my husband or I to hold the dinosaur for him at times when he was painting so that the reverse side that was wet would not get smeared.

Final verdict: I love that these toys provides so much room for creativity, not only at the designing stage but they can also form a part of a sensory box, used for pretend play etc. I also prefer the heftiness and natural feel of wood over plastic. Although there were a few colours provided, Princess and The Rock felt they wanted to use a few of their own shimmery paints. So really the sky is the limit for this kit; I would stick some rhinestones to make a Glamour Dino!

Now the best part for you readers is that one of you gets to WIN the Dinosaurs Galore Kit! You just need to:
  1. Leave a comment and tell me one thing you like about this kit
  2. Provide your name and contact email.
Giveaway ends on 6 Dec 2013 12mn.
I will randomly choose a winner from all the participants.

** The winner of this giveaway is Arsheitha Ganesan! Congratulations!

There are more gems in the Two Kid's Cooking Shop so please hop over to take a look! Other than kids crafts like the Dinosaurs Galore Kit, there are many Kids Cooking kits and products too.

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